RON LASORSA | Managing General Partner

As the CEO of the General Partner, Ron is responsible for creating the Company’s growth strategy, executing its business model, and directing operations. Ron brings an experienced yet non-traditional view on the market demands currently reshaping the 21st century delivery of legal services. Ron’s more than 25 years of managerial and financial experience spans the legal, financial, and direct response advertising industries.

Capital Markets Experience

From 1994 to 2001, Ron was responsible for corporate stock buybacks and equity derivative sales at JPMorgan, managing over $50MM in trading commissions per year. In 2001, he left JP Morgan and went to ABN Amaro Bank to run equity prime brokerage trading. He managed over 400 prime brokerage trading accounts and was responsible for 30 traders generating over $100MM in trading commissions per year. Ron left Wall Street in 2006 to pursue new ventures in the legal services industry, focusing on online lead generation.

Litigation Finance Experience – $40MM exit

In 2014, American Medical Systems and Endo International made headlines when they paid out a staggering $830 million to settle more than 20,000 claims that their transvaginal mesh caused severe harm to patients. In 2015, Ron founded and sold a law firm (Alpha Law) for $40.5 million in a single transaction as the minority non-attorney equity owner who had originated over 15,000 transvaginal mesh cases.

Lasorsa and his partners deployed $7.3 million and $8.9 million in collateralized third-party debt from a hedge fund to acquire the cases. The final docket of cases included 6,343 women injured by TVM and retained by law firms from July 2014 through May 2015.

Results of Transaction

People helped: 6,343
Cost of Acquisition:      $16 MM
Total Sale Price: $40 MM
Net Proceeds: $24 MM