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You can stop the injustice against veterans

By investing in the Victory Litigation Fund you can do your part to stop the theft and fraud hurting veterans affected by toxins

A Reg D & Reg CF Investment  Opportunity

for Accredited and Non-Accredited Investors

The Issue

American veterans, who have bravely protected our nation's values, face multiple challenges, leading to a shameful rate of 22 suicides every single day due to issues like complex PTSD, loneliness, and depression.


The Honoring Our PACT Act of 2022 was passed to allow veterans and their families to seek justice for the different injuries and damages resulting from exposure to toxic conditions. The Camp Lejeune Water Litigation (CLWL) was a big part of this legislation.  


It is estimated that over 1 million people are eligible and CLWL will pay over $6 billion dollars of taxpayer money to the affected veterans who file claims.  The number of families affected by toxins while serving in the military is even larger.

Veterans and the taxpayer are getting robbed:


GREEDY LAWYERS - In some cases they take a predatory 50% of an administrative claim.

FRAUDULENT CLAIMS - Investigators see strong evidence of fake claims funded by organizations in countries who wish to do America harm.

RAMPANT TOXICITY - We all know this toxicity is hurting more than just Marines from one base over a limited time frame.  Toxicity is bigger than Camp Leujeune and must be addressed.

They Are Failing Veterans

Our Solution

Veterans versus Lawyers in a Battle Against Toxicity

Camp Lejeune Toxic Water is our beachhead.


We have already filed suit to root out fraud and give as many cases as we can to veteran-friendly litigators.  In many cases these attorneys are veterans themselves.


Then we push forward to all veterans and their families affected by toxicity.  We will lead a new mass tort for all veterans under the PACT Act of 2022.

A proven track record

The Victory Litigation Fund has been formed by a veteran who has deep industry experience in both finance and law that has harnessed the power of litigation finance to help the veteran community.

Ron Lasorsa is the Managing General Partner responsible for creating the Company's growth strategy, executing its business model, and directing operations. Ron brings an experienced yet non-traditional view on the market demands currently reshaping the 21st-century delivery of legal services.

Ron's over 30 years of managerial and financial experience spans the legal, financial, and direct-response advertising industries. With experience working at the investment banks JP Morgan, ABN Amro, and UBS, and a successful $40MM exit from his previous law firm, Ron is ready to continue to form law firms and take on mass tort litigation cases to find Justice for all of those who were affected by the negligence of big companies or the US Government.



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